ELM Elemeği Project Solutions was established in 2004 and has rapidly grown with its heavily equipped factory, using state of the art machinery. The company performs a wide range of operations from large hotels to small retailers; from airports to boutique restaurants specialising in furniture, wood, metal and interior design. The factory located in Bursa, Turkey has a total area of 215,000 square feet where we continue to constantly adapt and improve our production to cater for all scales of projects.

ELM Elemeği Project Solutions closely follows developments and acts with a dynamic structure to continue to enhance its vision and identity in the global market. ELM Elemeği Project Solutions has focused to keep the customer satisfaction at its highest through attention to detail by employing 600 staff consisting of architects, interior designers, project managers and skilled professionals. We are committed to complete all fit-out and furniture requirements at every stage of the development process.